Coaching Packages

You’ve read all the advice about work-life balance, time management, prioritizing writing, and so on. But you’re still struggling to implement that advice in your everyday life. Maybe old habits are hard to break; maybe your life just seems way too busy for those tips to work. Perhaps your imposter syndrome is whispering “you can’t do it.” This is where customized support through one-on-one coaching can really start to make a difference.

One-on-one coaching sessions are perfect for gaining clarity, revving up your motivation, setting concrete action steps, and making real changes to the way you approach work and life. Coaching offers a completely personalized experience. If you’re ready to leave old habits and excuses behind, coaching might be right for you.

Leslie was really attuned to my struggles and achievements, had a lovely warmth and a great sense of humor (aka she laughed at all my jokes!) and really helped me focus towards my goals. We spoke a lot about the peculiarities of academia and my own emotional challenges, and I left our time together feeling shored up (and with an action plan for my next project)!

Getting started

First, you’re always welcome to reach out over email to ask questions. You can check out my blog to learn more about some of my areas of expertise. This post will tell you more about how academics can benefit from coaching. And this guide breaks down what coaching does, and why it’s different from therapy or consulting.

Second, we can set up a time for a free Strategy Session call.

During our call, I’ll ask you to share a bit about where you are in your career and the challenges you’re facing, as well as what changes you hope to make. You can ask me questions about me background and my coaching services. This is not a sales call. I won’t ask you to commit to a coaching package without time for reflection. So, after the call, I’ll send you a summary of our conversation via email, along with some options for moving forward. Then you can let me know how or if you’d like to proceed.

Coaching packages

Over the years, I’ve found that clients gravitate toward two options: single, pay-as-you-go sessions, or monthly plans (with the most popular option being a three-month plan).

Single session rate: $150

The advantage of a pay-as-you-go model is that it allows you great flexibility in scheduling. It can be useful if you only want occasional support or the odd session to work through a particular issue. However, it doesn’t include “in between” session support such as accountability emails, my help in finding additional resources that might help with a problem, or a guaranteed spot on my roster. Coaching calls are typically about 50-60 minutes.

Monthly package rate: $325/month

A monthly plan includes one-on-one coaching calls (usually 2-3 a month), regular email check-ins, and access to customized worksheets and other resources. You also have a guaranteed spot in my roster for the length of the package (i.e., the number of months chosen). The frequency of our meetings is customizable depending on your schedule and needs.

Custom packages

If neither of these options looks right for you, I’m happy to discuss the possibility of a custom package. Custom packages might include a combination of coaching sessions and developmental editing work (e.g., reviewing a grant proposal or article). Or they might have a custom time frame that suits your needs. A free strategy session is a great opportunity to discuss options.

Sliding scale rates

For grad students and those who are precariously employed, I typically take 20% off the posted rate. I’m always happy to talk about payment options (e.g. smaller payment increments). Please feel free to ask.

Professional expense accounts

For faculty with access to professional expense/professional development accounts, you may be able to get reimbursed for services like coaching as they relate to your career. Check with your institution. I provide invoices and receipts for all payments.

“When I reached out to Leslie, I was nearing the end of my doctoral program and struggling to communicate with the members of my advisory committee. Leslie helped me figure out what I wanted from meetings with my advisers, she gave me strategies for responding to feedback, and she helped me stand up for myself. Her coaching was been a vital source of much-needed support during a really challenging time in my studies. I would enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone.”