Developmental Editing

Are you looking for high-level feedback on an important document? I offer developmental editing services for journal articles, book chapters, book proposals, grant proposals, and job market materials like cover letters and research statements.

How does it work? I review your document and provide a big-picture assessment focusing on argument, structure, clarity, evidence, and style. You’ll receive a detailed feedback letter, revision plan, and where appropriate, some comments on the document itself. If you’d like to discuss the feedback further, we can also book an online meeting.

Developmental editing is distinct from copy editing and line editing. I’ll help you clarify your argument, hone your style, and align your evidence with your claims. I won’t edit your writing or format your piece to meet a set of style guidelines. However, I’m happy to recommend professional copy editors for this kind of work.

For more information on whether my editing services are right for you, please reach out via my contact page and tell me a bit about the project. You can also book a free strategy session. After learning about your project, I’ll send you an estimate based on my expected hours, or, offer a flat-fee rate if I have a good sense of the amount of work involved.

At the moment, I don’t have the availability to offer timely assessments of entire book or dissertation manuscripts. However, I can work with you on proposals and introductory chapters.

If you’re looking for more general help with writing productivity, finishing a book or thesis, or managing a grant, check out my coaching services.

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My hourly rate is $150. A typical flat fee rate for a book proposal or grant proposal (depending on its level of completion) is $450.

Sliding scale/professional expense accounts

I offer a 20% discount for grad students and those who are precariously employed. Full-time faculty may be able to draw on professional expense accounts, so I recommend checking with your institution. I provide receipts for all services.