Getting Organized

Feeling overwhelmed by your to do list? Wondering how there will ever be enough hours in the work week? Buried under piles of papers, old exams, and overdue library books?

I can help you get that list under control, organize your schedule, and clear off your desk so that you can do your best work all semester long. You’ll feel calm, clear-headed, focused, and confident that you can do what you need to do and still have time to breathe at the end of the week.

Sort Your Schedule: $195

The perfect service for getting your day timer, to do list, and online calendar under control and optimized for your time and energy levels. This service includes an initial one-on-one 50-minute consultation and one follow-up call. Take back control of your day!

Declutter Your Life

Single session: $125

Not sure where to start on organizing your space? This one-hour one-on-one consult will give you clear action steps for starting the decluttering process for your office, digital world, or any other space you want to improve.

Full declutter package: $395

This awesome package offers one-on-one guidance and support through a full work life decluttering process, including organizing your projects, digital files, physical materials and work space. You will also get a long term strategy for staying organized. If you’re extra keen, you can get a taste of this process on your own by downloading my FREE decluttering guide.

Questions? Ready to book a free call to discuss your needs or to reserve your spot on my docket? Contact me here to send an email or connect instantly via Facebook messenger. I can’t wait to work with you!