Job Seekers Support

Academic job applications are time consuming, highly specialized, and must be tailored to each position you’re applying for. In a tight market, it can be tempting to apply everywhere and try to be every kind of scholar. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and exhausted, you’re not alone. But help is here!

My Job Seekers Support services can help keep you organized, motivated, and clear-headed about the job market and application process. I offer one-on-one coaching as well as personalized advising on materials such as your CV, cover letter, research statement, and teaching philosophy. I can also help you improve your job talk and work with you on a campus interview strategy.

When you work with me, you’ll be getting experienced, objective feedback and concrete suggestions for making your application or interview materials stand out. I will show you how to showcase your strongest qualifications and highlight your most impressive achievements. You will feel confident that you’ve made the best possible application for each position.

Job market coaching: $150/hour

One-on-one coaching will help you clarify your values and priorities, leading to better decisions about which jobs to apply for and how to make the best possible application. I’ll help you set up strategies for keeping your application process organized and making the best use of your materials. I will also offer helpful guidance when a non-faculty position or “alt-ac” career is on the table.

Single document review: $250

Just need an extra set of eyes on one of your key application materials? This service includes careful review of and feedback on one job market document (e.g. CV, cover letter, research statement, teaching philosophy, job talk, etc.) AND a 30-minute phone consult on that document.

Full review package: $995

This great value package includes review of and feedback on ALL job market documents and presentations for one application and two 30-minute phone consults on your materials.

Questions? Contact me here to send an email or connect instantly via Facebook messenger. I can’t wait to work with you!