Work With Me

I offer two kinds of services – coaching and consulting – which can be sought separately or in a combination that works for you. If you’re looking for specifics about job market materials, please click here for more information.

I believe in working together to find or rediscover work that’s fulfilling, meaningful, and even joyous. Work that aligns with your values, without sacrificing your mental and physical health or your personal life.

My services are informed by a feminist, social justice-oriented worldview and I aim to create a space that is LGBTQIAA2S-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, and anti-colonial.

What is coaching?

Coaching is an advice-free zone! In coaching, the coach helps the client come up with their own solutions, priorities, action steps, and more. Coaches ask powerful questions to help the client move forward towards their own objectives. Coaching might be right for you if you’re looking to reconnect to your motivation, set your priorities, create a vision for a project or your career, improve your relationships, and re-balance your work and personal life.

So what can we work on?

  • planning, writing, finishing that dissertation
  • writing project management, motivation, and getting unstuck
  • research program management, planning, and execution
  • teaching goals
  • collegial relations
  • getting ready for tenure and promotion
  • going on the job market
  • transitioning out of academia
  • work-life balance
  • managing service commitments
  • creating new work habits
  • public speaking
  • event planning or organization
  • grant writing
  • how and when to say yes or no
  • short, medium and long term career planning

What is consulting?

Consulting involves more hands-on involvement from the coach in relation to a specific project. I will offer advice and guidance based on my own experience, while still encouraging you to work towards your own solutions. Consulting might be right for you if you are seeking solution-focused advice on something quite specific.

We can work on particular tasks related to:

  • preparing job market materials, tenure and promotion packages
  • grant applications
  • syllabi
  • writing projects
  • conference/event organization

As a consultant, I don’t provide copyediting services or prepare job market/promotion materials for you. I will offer higher level advice on structure, content, style, etc.

Don’t these overlap?

They might! We’ll figure out together which kinds of services are going to make the most sense for you.

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