Academic life can be better.

I’m Leslie and I help academics reconnect to the meaning in their work, pursue balance, and find some joy along the way.

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Coaching gives you support to discover your values, develop a plan, and achieve your goals. My mission is to make academic life better, whatever better means to you. More balance, more productivity, less stress, meeting goals, finding a job, or transitioning to something different.

“Leslie has helped me immensely to get unstuck in my current situation. Through her assistance, I have been able to move forward in my career and achieve what I didn’t think I would be able to.”

I help people:

  • make steady progress on big projects like dissertations and books
  • revise and submit materials such as grant proposals, book proposals, and articles
  • devise strategies for work-life balance
  • organize their time and space
  • balance teaching and research
  • create new habits and set up sustainable writing routines
  • plan for career transitions, promotions, and new directions
  • develop long-term career plans
  • create strategies for dealing with difficult work situations
  • polish job application materials

“I feel that the strategies and framing of my day to day helped me to consider possibilities for the future, to help me feel unstuck, and to make organized, strategic plans for next steps in my career.”

I offer:

One-on-one coaching: Guided sessions to help you define your goals and design action steps to meet them.

Developmental editing: Assessments and plans for revision for written materials like grant and book proposals, book chapters, journal articles and job market materials.

 Let’s connect.

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Leslie Kern, PhD

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I’m based in Canada but I’ve worked with clients in the US, UK, Australia, and Europe.