Leslie Kern, PhD

Leslie looking up at a painting of a snake with fangs out.
Dr. Leslie Kern. “Snake” by Jon Claytor.

I believe in working together to find or rediscover work that’s fulfilling, meaningful, and even joyous. Work that aligns with your values, without sacrificing your mental and physical health or your personal life.

My services are informed by a feminist, social justice-oriented worldview. Therefore, I aim to create a space that is LGBTQIAA2S-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, and anti-colonial.

I’m currently an associate professor in the department of geography & environment at Mount Allison University, Canada. I’m also the director of women’s and gender studies. I have a doctorate in gender, feminist, and women’s studies from York University.  I do research on gender and cities, gentrification, and environmental justice. You can read more about that work on my research website. My pronouns are she/her.

My academic experience

The experience that I bring to academic coaching includes:

  • surviving graduate school
  • publishing my dissertation as a monograph
  • working as an adjunct, contract, tenure-track, and (finally!) tenured professor
  • publishing multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters
  • writing in many different formats (for textbooks, encyclopedia, book reviews)
  • securing a contract for a general audience non-fiction book
  • writing with multiple collaborators and students
  • conducting peer review of dozens of scholarly books and articles
  • writing successful national multi-year research grants
  • getting an international visiting scholar grant
  • raising a child while attending grad school and working as early career faculty
  • organizing conferences
  • extensive award-winning teaching experience
  • directing an academic program
  • wide variety of university service experiences, including hiring
  • surviving two prolonged labour strikes
  • figuring out how not to work on weekends and evenings

My coach training

My coach training is through Erickson International.

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