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Job market

Help! I don’t have any skills!

If you're thinking of working outside of academia or in a non-faculty role, you might find yourself in a bit of paradox when it comes to your skills. On the one hand, there's the notion that people with PhDs are automatically overqualified for non-academic jobs. On the other, is the idea that you have no… Continue reading Help! I don’t have any skills!


How I learned to love talking to the media

Okay, I'll be honest. I don't LOVE talking to the media. But I have learned to stop hating it, worrying about it, and avoiding it. I might go so far as to say... I like it? Many academics aren't comfortable talking about their work in public venues, including in media interviews and on podcasts. It's… Continue reading How I learned to love talking to the media

Academic life

Anti-racist practice: the work

The events of this week are pushing me to articulate what it means to work from an anti-racist position in my coaching practice and beyond. As a white person, I recognize that my understanding of institutional power is clouded by racial privilege - I am not seeing the full picture of racism in academia because… Continue reading Anti-racist practice: the work