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Academic coaching: More resources!

Too often we struggle alone. Sometimes we’re afraid or ashamed to ask for help. Other times, the issue is that we don’t even know help exists. Fortunately, there is a wealth of services out there to support academics. Yes, I offer some of these same services! But I might not be the right coach for everyone. In this post, I’m sharing links and a little information about other academic coaching-related resources.

These include coaches and experts on writing, grad student support, job market help inside and outside of academia, publishing, website design, and wellness. Many have paid programs and services but most include some free resources, such as online seminars, informative blog posts, and free support programs.

I’m not affiliated with or sponsored by any of these services. I’ve made use of some of their resources myself and have recommended others to my own clients. I hope you find something of use to you in this list.

Focus on grad students

  • Thrive PhD: Katie Peplin offers coaching, a low-cost monthly support program, free AcWriMo resources, a blog, and downloadable resources targeted to those working on their PhDs. I’m fond of the Yearly Planning Workbook.
  • Explorations of Style: This academic writing blog by Rachael Cayley covers everything from drafting and revision to imposter syndrome and identity. There is a helpful guide to the themes of the extensive blog. Cayley is also working on a book about writing for graduate students.

Writing and publishing

  • MD Writing-Editing: Malini Devadas is a writing coach for academics who offers one-on-one coaching as well as workshops and editing. She also has a blog with a lot of practical advice for academic authors.
  • Manuscript Works: Laura Portwood-Stacer’s site is the place to go if you’re working on an academic book proposal. There are paid and free courses, a free newsletter and blog, and links to her book, The Book Proposal Book. I’ve taken a course with Laura before and I found her to be a very knowledgeable and engaging teacher.
  • Mushtaq Bilal: Mushtaq offers coaching and developmental editing services. His Twitter account shares tips and threads for improving academic writing habits and productivity.

Career services

  • From PhD to Life: Jennifer Polk focuses on helping grad students and PhD pursue careers outside of academia. Her services include free and paid online courses as well as coaching.
  • Beyond the Professoriate: Providing professional development for academics who want to consider working in non-academic environments, Maren Wood and team offer career training and assessment, as well as resources like a podcast and blog.
  • The Professor Is In: Karen Kelsky, Kel Weinhold and the team have extensive resources for job seekers, including those targeting academia as well as non-ac roles. They also have supportive programs for academic writers.

Academic websites

  • The Academic Designer: Jennifer van Alstyne is an expert on helping academics, scientists, and other researchers communicate their work through effective websites and social media profiles. She offers a free training as well as website planning and design for individuals and organizations.

General academic coaching

  • Flourishing At Work In Academia: Coach Jennifer Askey has a lifetime membership program that focuses on transforming your relationship to your academic work.
  • Jo VanEvery: Writing, career, and all-around academic coach Jo VanEvery offers coaching, a writing community, and guide books centered on rediscovering some of the joy and balance of academic life. She also has a detailed, practical blog/newsletter on a wide range of topics related to academia.
  • WellAcademic: Roxanne Donovan and team present a set of services with a holistic approach to academic life. They are especially committed to helping women of colour survive and thrive in the academy.