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Academic life

A restful and productive sabbatical

I'm just starting my 2nd year-long sabbatical. A privilege, I know, only afforded those with tenure-track/tenured positions and a decent employment contract. My 1st sabbatical didn't really go as planned (I guess we all know what happens to best laid plans). But I did learn a few things and get some good advice that I'd… Continue reading A restful and productive sabbatical

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Academic life

Change your email habits, change your life

If I had to pick one change I made in my work life that made the biggest difference, it would be how I approach email. I know from working with dozens of clients that email is one of the top issues getting in the way of writing, time management, and general peace of mind. Despite… Continue reading Change your email habits, change your life

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Academic life

Why I don’t work on airplanes

For the first time in over two years, I'm flying to attend conferences, book fairs, and seminars. My carry-on items will include my e-reader, noise-cancelling headphones, and an in-flight version of a snuggie. They will not include anything to do with work. I'll be re-instituting a rule I made for myself several years ago: no… Continue reading Why I don’t work on airplanes