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Academic life

Institutional problems/individual sacrifices

Raise your hand if any of the following statements sound familiar: "I can't take a course release because there won't be anyone to teach that topic.""We have to raise the enrolment cap on classes otherwise students who need the credits won't get in.""I can't take a break over the summer because there's no one else… Continue reading Institutional problems/individual sacrifices

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Academic life

Tough decisions: knowns and unknowns

When facing tough decisions, the first piece of advice we turn to is the good old list of pros and cons. But anyone who's gone through this exercise for something more complicated than picking an ice cream flavour knows that the list doesn't magically reveal your choice. Not all pros and cons are created equal.… Continue reading Tough decisions: knowns and unknowns

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Academic life

A restful and productive sabbatical

I'm just starting my 2nd year-long sabbatical. A privilege, I know, only afforded those with tenure-track/tenured positions and a decent employment contract. My 1st sabbatical didn't really go as planned (I guess we all know what happens to best laid plans). But I did learn a few things and get some good advice that I'd… Continue reading A restful and productive sabbatical