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Procrastination: Making it work for you

Many people equate procrastination (in themselves and others) with laziness or a lack of willpower. Others suggest it's born out of anxiety, perfectionism, fear of failure, and even shame. Either way, it doesn't seem like something you can just stop doing though sheer force of will. But what about all the time you're wasting by putting off your work?

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Academic hustle culture: why are we glorifying burnout and overwork?

Academic work is never really finished. Every paper could use more edits. The literature review will never be exhaustive. You can never be too prepared for class. I've found that academic work will expand to fill every hour you're willing to give it. And your institution, colleagues, supervisors, and students will be only too happy to take as much as you can give.

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It’s never too soon to save

No, I'm not talking about saving money (although that's pretty important, too). "It's never too soon to save" is a little mental reminder that I periodically chant when I'm writing. Yeah, it seems painfully obvious. Save your work. Back up your data. But, like saving money, it's something a lot of us either put off,… Continue reading It’s never too soon to save

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Academic career coaches: 5 ways we can help

Ever wonder if hiring an academic career coach might be right for you? Academic work is often very solitary. There's an assumption that everyone just "knows" how to succeed. In this context, it can be hard to look for mentorship, support, or advice. But it's more than okay to want things to be better. Here… Continue reading Academic career coaches: 5 ways we can help