Job market season

For those on the academic job market, fall is a hectic time. Not only are you prepping classes, writing grant applications, and working on your ongoing research projects, you are busy writing cover letters, tweaking your CV, crafting those research and teaching statements, concocting the perfect job talk, and brushing up on your interview skills.

Help is out there! Some folks have amazing advisors and mentors to guide them through every aspect of the academic job market; others, not so much. But there are several professional services (including mine!) that can help take some of the mystery and anxiety out of this time-consuming and stressful process.

Academic job market services

If you’re just starting to realize that you might need some help with your prep, it’s not too late, even as some of the well-established academic coaching services start to get fully booked. Lucky for you, I’m still growing my client list! Here’s what I can help with:

Reviewing your application materials, including:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Research statement
  • Teaching statement

Reviewing your interview materials, including:

  • Job/research talk
  • Teaching presentation
  • Interview notes

Preparing you for the campus interview or phone interview, including:

  • Interview tips
  • Presentation skills

Big picture stuff, such as:

  • Which jobs should I apply for?
  • What will I do if this doesn’t work out?
  • What will I do if this DOES work out?
  • Post-ac and alt-ac plans
  • Self-care and mental well-bring during job season
  • Long term career strategies

Please note that I don’t provide copyediting or formatting services. I will offer both specific and general advice but the typos are up to you to catch!

Rates and booking

General consulting services: $125/hour

Single document review: $195

Includes review of one job market document (e.g. CV, cover letter, research statement, etc,.) or one presentation with a 30-minute phone consult.

Full review package: $695

Includes review of all job market documents and presentations for one application and 2 30-minute phone consults.

“Big Picture” Coaching

Head over here to see my coaching packages.

You’re welcome book a FREE strategy session to discuss whether my job market services are right for you, or email me at kernleslie@gmail.com for more information.



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