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Introducing a new series here on the blog: Ask an Academic! I’m opening up my inbox for your advice-seeking questions. I’ll post responses to anonymized questions here on the blog, either in writing or with a short video. This is your chance to fire off a quick question to an outsider who just might have a different perspective on your problem. Given the extreme challenges that academia is facing right now, there’s no better time to seek out solutions to that nagging concern.

What kinds of questions am I taking?

I’ll take questions on just about anything academia-related! Examples might include: starting or finishing a dissertation, time management, productivity, work-life balance, teaching, writing, creativity – whatever you could conceivably want to ask an academic coach about. It might be a question you don’t want to ask your advisor or department head. Maybe you just want a second opinion from someone who can offer an outside take on the situation. Whatever it is, I’ll do my best to offer a few succinct bits of advice that will hopefully help you and other readers, too.

How do I ask my question?

There are a few ways to get in touch:


An advice Q&A is obviously limited in its ability to work through complex problems. It’s not a substitute for actual coaching. However, in a moment where a lot of us are floundering in a not-so-brave new world, I hope I can offer some starting points for thinking through your challenges. The added stresses of “work from home” might mean that coaching is just not accessible or desirable right now. Maybe your question seems too small to bother with seeking out a coach. In either case, this feature gives you a chance to put your concern out there (and in my experience, even articulating a problem goes a long way towards helping!).

I can’t wait to read your questions!

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